Gut Kaltenburg lies on an auspicious bit of land. Just a stone’s throw from the northern banks of Lake Kaltern, in the middle of the traditional Kaltern wine region, our vineyards and fruit orchards spread out. Climbing gently from 250 to 290 meters in elevation (820 to 950 feet), the loose limestone gravel soil offers the perfect conditions for our crops.


A _ Entrance
B _ Parking
C _ Lower Level: Distillery, Farm Shop, Tastings
D _ Event Location
E _ Cellar: Grappa & Distillate Storage
F _ Restrooms

1 _ Merlot
2 _ Cabernet
3 _ Vernatsch
4 _ Chardonnay
5 _ Lagrein

A cosy spot

Plenty of sunshine, the sheltering mountains behind us and an open vista down to the lake make the Mediterranean influence on Gut Kaltenberg quite apparent. From the wealth of springtime blossoms and the hot southern summer to the golden fall with its colourful vines and finally the mild winter, each season has its own particular charm. 

Here, we live in and amongst nature. We do as much of the vineyard and orchard work as possible by hand, and we enjoy the biodiversity of flora and fauna. Even the rare hoopoe sometimes swoops its way through the vines.


A new generation puts down roots

After taking over the family inheritance a few years ago, the young estate owner began to transition the agriculture to modern cultivation methods. In addition to the typical Vernatsch grapes, we now also grow red and white Lagrein, Cabernet, Merlot and Chardonnay grapes at Gut Kaltenburg, along with olive and fruit trees, herbs and spices.

For fruit brandies, we mainly use cherries, damson plums, Mirabelle plums and quince. The young fruit trees thrive in the mild Lake Kaltern climate, and every year they produce a little bit more for our aromatic fruit distillates.

In fact, distilling is our great passion. We deliver the grape harvest to a regional wine producer, but we use the marc to produce our own very fine grappa.