Our distilled spirits, grappas, liqueurs and wines are available for purchase from our farm shop– to take away, fall in love with, and restock your pantry. One good way to learn more about our product range is to book a tour with tasting or visit the farm shop. This page offers an overview of some of the Gut Kaltenburg products so you can enquire with us directly – we look forward to hearing from you!


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High-proof quality, clear as glass or golden brown, velvety on the palate and with a strong, fruity flavour. Hand-distilled from our single-variety grape marc and carefully aged in a glass demijohn or an oak barrel. A pleasure for every true grappa fan. 

Vernatsch _ Fresh, fruity, flowery, with a soft, delicate almond note, demijohn-aged

Lagrein _ Elegant, mature dried fruit, light vanilla, mild and lingering taste, light harmonious almond, tobacco note, barrel-aged

Merlot _ Strong, clear aroma; typical earthy, slightly woody note, barrel-aged

Cabernet _ Typical green fruit, fresh vegetal note, rounded wooden note, barrel-aged



Fruit-forward, characteristic aromas, pure flavour – these distillates are strikingly intense and natural. Hand-picked brandy fruit from our own orchards is refined right in our own distillery at Gut Kaltenburg and then aged in a glass demijohn.

Quince _ Intense aroma, apple and pear flavour, citrus, mint, earthy, demijohn-aged

Damson plums _ Stone fruit aroma, earthy, floral, dried fruit, demijohn-aged

Apple _ Aromatic apple, floral, citrus, blossom sweetness, demijohn-aged



Grown and sun-ripened in our vineyards. Carefully harvested and then pressed by a regional wine producer. Now the red and white treasures are ready to create pleasurable, inspiring moments.

Chardonnay _ Straw-gold with a green shimmer, clear, glowing, fresh, fruity, dry, apple aromas 

Vernatsch _ Red-violet, clear, fresh, fruity, floral, berry aroma

Lagrein _ Intense cherry red, full-bodied, fruity, berry and damson plum aromas

Merlot Cabernet _ 80% Merlot/20% Cabernet Sauvignon, dark pomegranate red, grass and cassis aroma 


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