The estate:
A place for connoisseurs

During a tour behind the crenellated curtain walls of our estate, you can see for yourself where and how our grapes and other fruits grow. Learn more about the traditional winemaking craft, contemporary cultivation, and the careful revitalization of the over 400-year-old building.

Naturally, you will also see the ripening cellar and the demonstration distillery, where our fine grappas and fruit distillates are made. Here you will be served not only interesting facts about the art of distilling, but also various samples of our hard work.


Details about
tours and

Guided tours take place all year round.
Includes a grappa, distilled spirit & wine tasting as well as a Marende, the traditional Tyrolean late-afternoon snack, with selected delicacies from regional partners.

€20.00 per person / please register in advance.

Tasting with
a long finish

Even the most verbose description pales next to trying something in person. At the end of the tour, you will have a chance to explore the grappas, distillates and wines like a hoopoe bird, sampling a bit of each. There is also a Marende with traditional South Tyrolean delicacies from regional partners, along with the opportunity to purchase our products in the farm shop.