A very special jewel shines within the centuries-old walls of Gut Kaltenburg. Our premium distilling plant is impressive even to look at. But its true strength lies in the perfected distilling technology that draws out the finest liquid treasures.

“In Schnapps there is truth”

The art of distilling requires experience, dedication and patience. But it also takes precise timing and absolute concentration on the moment. Our distiller Juliana Daum combines all of these things to transform ripe fruit and grape marc into fine spirits.


The quality of Gut Kaltenburg destillates

Is it the skill of the master distiller, or the quality of the distillation plant? The soil, the climate, the loving hands-on care for plants? Many factors come together to make the Gut Kaltenburg distillates especially fruity and aromatic. People, nature and technology each do their part. And you can taste the harmony.

Pleasure comes before study

Had enough of theory? Come visit us at Gut Kaltenburg and let your palate judge for itself. 

Details about tours and tastings:
Guided tours take place all year round. Includes a grappa, distilled spirit & wine tasting as well as a Marende, the traditional Tyrolean late-afternoon snack, with selected delicacies from regional partners

€20.00 per person / please register in advance.